4-6 Feb 2019 Montpellier (France)

Documents of the conference

Photo of the conference


The following documents are related to the talks given by the speakers:

Articles of Anton Alekseev - Group-valued equivariant localization - Duistermaat-Heckman measures and moduli spaces of flat bundles over surfaces - The non-commutative Weil algebra

Slides of John Baez - From classical to quatum and back

Article of Michel Brion - Automorphism groups of almost homogeneous varieties

Video of Misha Gromov - Bernoulli lecture: what is probability ?

Slides of Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour - Symplectic diffeology

Articles by Yann Ollivier - The extended Kalman filter is a natural gradient descent in trajectory space - Online natural gradient as a Kalman filter

Slides of Vasily Pestun - Localization in geometry and physics

Book edited by Vasily Pestun and Maxim Zabzine - Localization technics in quantum field theory

Slides of Aissa Wade - Holomorphic Jacobi Manifolds and their global counterparts


Slides of 1st panel session - Symplectic geometry and localization in mathematical physics, led by Damien Calaque

Article of Anton Alekseev - Notes on equivariant localization in Geometry and Quantum Physics

Article of Paul-Emile Paradan - Action hamiltonienne d'un tore et formula de localisation en cohomologie équivariante


Slides of 2nd panel session - Tribute to Koszul and Souriau, by Frédéric Barbaresco

Slides of 2nd panel session - Hommage à J-L Koszul, by Michel Boyom

Article - JL Koszul and the elementary structures of information geometry, by Frédéric Barbaresco

Article - Topologie-géométrie de Koszul et théorie des modèles statistiques, by Michel Boyom


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